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Saturday, 20 October


Injection site lichenoid dermatitis following pneumococcal vaccination. "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PMID:  Dermatol Ther (Heidelb). 2016 Jun ;6(2):287-98. Epub 2016 Mar 17. PMID: 26988991 Abstract Title:  Injection Site Lichenoid Dermatitis Following Pneumococcal Vaccination: Report and Review of Cutaneous Conditions Occurring at Vaccination Sites. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Cutaneous dermatoses and malignancies have occurred at the sites of vaccines.PURPOSE: To describe a man who developed a lichenoid dermatitis at the pneumococcal vaccine injection site and to review cutaneous dermatoses and malignancies occurring at vaccination sites.METHODS: PubMed was used to search the following terms, separately and in combination: adverse, condition, cutaneous, dermatosis, dermatitis, injection, PCV13, pneumococcal, pneumonia, prevnar, reaction, skin, site, vaccination, and vaccine. All papers were reviewed, and relevant manuscripts, along with their reference citations, were evaluated.RESULTS: Several vaccines-including bacillus Calmette-Guerin, hepatitis B, influenza, leishmaniasis, meningitis, pneumococcal, smallpox, tetanus (alone and in combination with diphtheria, pertussis, polio, Haemophilus influenza type B or plague and yellow fever), and varicella-zoster-have been associated with post-vaccination site reactions. A 70-year-old male developed a lichenoid dermatitis that occurred at the pneumococcal vaccine injection site within 2 weeks after PCV13 vaccination; the erythematous nodule resolved spontaneously within 9 weeks following immunization.CONCLUSIONS: Dermatoses at the injection sites of vaccines can be granulomatous, immunity-related conditions, infections, lichenoid, neutrophilic, or pseudolymphomatous. Basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are the most common vaccination site-associated malignancies; however, melanoma and sarcomas (dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, fibrosarcoma, and malignant fibrous histiocytoma) are also smallpox vaccine-related site neoplasms. A cutaneous immunocompromised district that is created by vaccine-induced local immunologic changes is hypothesized to be the pathogenesis of vaccination site reactions.

read more


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History can be dangerous but historians can find paths to truth "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

A-lie-gets-halfway-around-the-worldCHRIS OVERLAND

ADELAIDE - Reader Martin Auld has expressed the view that history is written to legitimise those in power and he has concluded that history can be dangerous.

In arguing this, Martin is echoing the words of George Orwell in his novel '1984' where he wrote that who controls the past controls the future.

In the novel, the ruling regime was constantly revising history to meet its current needs, even to the extent of fabricating new historic records to erase inconvenient truths or falsehoods and replace them with new facts that met its political needs.

As Orwell foresaw, we now live in an era where distinguishing between truth and falsehood has become very difficult at times. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are but two examples of leaders who routinely lie to their constituencies.

However, this behaviour is hardly a recent development. Political, business and religious leaders long ago discovered that they often can achieve their ends by using a combination of evasion, half-truths and, sometimes, telling the most egregious and self-serving lies.

For example, Julius Caesars account of the Gallic Wars was primarily written to raise his prestige in Rome and so the facts and their interpretation as related in that work are regarded by historians as suspect, at least to some degree.

Later on, English rulers like Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I became very artful in presenting fiction as fact so as to cultivate an entirely misleading image of themselves and the Plantagenet dynasty to their contemporaries and to history.

William Shakespeare and many others then proceeded to burnish the reputation and image of the Plantagenets based upon sometimes entirely false notions of their actions and motivations.

It is said that when Winston Churchill was asked how he thought history would treat him, he said it should treat him very well. When asked why he was so confident that this would be the case, Churchill responded, Because I shall write it.

It is pertinent to note that Churchill also famously said that a lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on, so he knew that when it came to writing history the advantage lay with the person who got in first.

Churchills subsequent book...


Pacific not cash-hungry; it wants action on climate change "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Environment Minister Melissa Price (Lucas Koch)
Australian environment minister Melissa Price

KATERINA TEAIWA | The Conversation

CANBERRA Australias environment minister Melissa Price was trending on Twitter last week and not for any good environmental reasons.

Price was introduced to the former president of Kiribati, Anote Tong, during a dinner at a Canberra restaurant hosted by Labor Senator Pat Dodson. Tong has brought global attention to his country because of the existential challenges it faces from climate change and rising sea levels.

According to Dodson, Price made what many have deemed an insulting comment to Tong:

I know why youre here. Its for the cash. For the Pacific its always about the cash. I have my chequebook here. How much do you want?

My response on Twitter was that in Kiribati, its rude to call out bad behaviour in public.

Maybe Price thought she was making a good Aussie joke. Or maybe shed observed other members of her party laughing at the expense of the Pacific and wanted to crack one like the rest of the boys.

Former Kiribati president Anote Tong...


A fable: Kerenga the faithless chief of the southern end "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The late cartoonist Bob Brown was as interested in ethics as the author of this fable, Jimmy Awagl


KUNDIAWA - The sun was about to walk out of sight over the horizon in the western sky as, accompanied by his comrades and cronies Kerenga the chief strolled towards the coffee shop.

As they entered, Kerenga looked into their eyes with a guilty smile. Hed come up with a brilliant idea to steal a valuable asset from a local farmer.

The fish farmer owned many fishponds which produced world class red emperors and earned big money.

Kerenga told his peers that they would confiscate property without the consent of the owner.

Gentlemen, be bold and confident that we will serve our personal interest.

This could be a brilliant concept, said the albino, so what is your notion?

Gentlemen, the owner is busy constructing a new pond over the range. While he is there we will draw down his huge red emperors for ourselves, Kerenga said, giving a brilliant smile.

By the next day, the arrangements and logistics were organised and the group set their course for the pond.

The owner believed no one would think of netting fish from an old pond covered with weeds and waterlilies. No-one but wily chief Kerenga, who knew all about the red emperors and their value.

So Kerenga and his cronies threw a simple net into the fishpond and drew out the red emperors. Some he would share with the group but, as chief instigator, he had also invited a reputable friend from the north to dine on the precious fish.

His friend from the north had done nothing to deserve such a meal since he was used to good living, but he was willing to receive hospitality from a chief of a poor village in the south.

The dinner was nicely prepared and the prominent guest arrived on time. The fragrance of the meal dominated the air. The guest sat comfortably in the dining room where he was warmly welcomed by Kerenga.

Im humbled and honoured to receive you to dine with me and my family. If I have something big I would have done so...


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New Dawn FM News

A Bougainville Construction company today proved too many critics that it can get contracts and complete the project.
GENIC INVESTMENTS this afternoon handed the keys to the ABG Presidents Villa which took them three years to complete.
The certificate of completion was presented by the ABG Technical Department this week after they inspected the building which will be officially opened next Thursday.
The cliff side building could become the STATE HOUSE if Bougainvilleans decide to be independent after the Bougainville referendum next year.
The house on the hill has a million dollar view overlooking the Buka Passage,
The sea and the hills towards mainland Bougainville.



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TIPNG demands Transparency on APEC vehicle procurement "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The only way to stop allegations of corruption is to be honest and transparent in procurement processes, says Transparency International PNG (TIPNG). In a media statement TIPNG is calling for the Government and APEC Authority to publicly disclose the total cost involved in the purchase of the Maserati and Bentley vehicles and to demonstrate their compliance with public procurement processes.
TIPNG said this in response to public condemnation of the purchase of 40 Maserati sports cars which were delivered last week and other luxury vehicles. Justin Tkatchenko MP, the Minister responsible for APEC, revealed that the government had procured the luxury cars on the expectation that they would be later sold to the private sector after the November APEC Leaders Meeting in Port Moresby.

We have heard only vehement denials of corruption by the Government and the APEC Authority, but they have not been forthcoming with procurement documents, such as an invitation for bids or receipts of purchase, let alone a list of private sector entities willing to purchase the vehicles. It is therefore not surprising that the public are suspicious of these purchases said the Board of TIPNG.

To assuage these legitimate concerns, the Government, particularly the APEC Ministry and the Department of Finance, must publicly release these procurement documents, otherwise it may be necessary for the relevant agencies such as the Police or Ombudsman Commission to compel them to do so by investigating the matter.
The Government recently passed the National Procurement Act as part of its Alotau II Accord commitments along with a spate of recent Public Finance reform legislation, which was intended to strengthen public trust in Procurement. However it is difficult to see how the general public can have confidence in a system which, in the absence of transparency, is so readily made to support what are seen to be impulsive and extravagant purchases by state entities in the face of declining service delivery, a depressed economy and severe hardships being faced by the ordinary Papua New Guinean.


PNG Kumuls v England Knights match tickets go on sale "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Tickets for the first of the two game International series next Saturday (October 27) between the PNG LNG Kumuls and England Knights in Lae will go on sale next Monday October 22, 2018. PNGRFL CEO Reatau Rau said the tickets will be on sale from 9am on Monday at Andersons, Eriku and Foodmart in Town. He added Brian Bell Homecentre at Lae Market will be confirmed by tomorrow.

He said the cost per ticket is K50. This covers all the stands and the grass areas at the Lae Rugby League ground, Rau said. He added the cost covers everybody from young to old. Every person that enters the ground, whether a child or adult must purchase a ticket. There is no separate price for children, Rau added.

He said this is the first appearance for the PNG LNG Kumuls in Lae since 2014 and the first time an International team is touring the country after more than 15 years or so therefore we believe K50 per person to host the game in Lae is affordable, Rau said.

He said there are security features on the tickets to prevent counterfeiting and abuse. The tickets have security features on them and will be scanned on entry so there is no space for cheating, he said.

He urged the public to buy tickets early as there will be no sales on game day on Saturday. Gates at the Rugby League grounds will open at 9am on Saturday October 27, 2018. The curtain raiser will be an Under 20s match which kicks off at 12.15pm. The International fixture between PNG LNG Kumuls and England Knights kicks off at 3pm.


No one asked, no one advised, but PNG Attitude lost its Likes "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


NOOSA It all started when Facebook did the dirty on Typepad and made some unconsulted changes which caused the two platforms to stop communicating. I understand FB is known for having that kind of superiority complex.

The worst outcome, perhaps, which has saddened me, is that weve lost our Likes feature which enabled readers to offer some kind of applause and writers to get some kind of feedback.

The Likes of every article returned to zero even those big enchiladas that had over 1,000 (one of Phil Fitzpatricks babies was in that elite group).

The most any piece got ever was around 3,000. It was a beautiful but tragic story of a PNGDF soldier killed in the Bougainville civil war.

I had been thinking for some time of making PNG Attitude more smartphone friendly, but knew we would lose the Likes so always resisted the urge. Now it's been done to us. Maybe I'll take the opportunity to look at a new design. Or maybe not.


Some of you may know or have guessed that the PNG Attitude account is also very popular on Twitter with, at last count, nearly 5,200 followers signed up and a lively discussion board. So that's a useful feedback mechanism for writers as I try to give every article a Twitter link.

A top line tweet can get thousands of impressions (the number of times people saw it), a significant number of which engage with the linked article.

The original Maserati story, for example, has had almost 9,000 impressions and still counting and the whole #Maseratigate saga has drawn more than 30,000 impressions so far.

So Twitter is big in the PNG Attitude landscape.

That said, its my fervent hope that the Facebook-Twitter stand-off is resolved soon so those people who follow us on FB can resume their daily fix. And maybe we can get the Likes back.

Meanwhile, this blog idles along with 2,000-3,000 readers most days, and a Comments section thats just passed the 40,000 mark drawn into the fray by some 13,000 posts.

Thanks for sticking with us. And sorry about the Likes.


Australian company pushing to open Papua New Guineas first coal-fired power plant "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PHOTO: A new 60 megawatt power station would have the ability to burn coal as well as use renewable biomass. (ABC News: Peter Giafis)

An Australian company is pushing ahead with plans to open a coal-fired power plant and coal mine in Papua New Guinea, despite the recent call from the worlds most authoritative climate science body to completely cut greenhouse emissions by 2050.

Key points:

  • Mayur Resources plans to open a power plant and possible coal mine in PNG
  • A new power facility is expected in just over two years, the Energy Minister says
  • Activists say the move would be counter to PNGs commitments under the Paris accords

Yara Murray-Atfield | ABC News | 19 October 2018

Australian-based and PNG-focused M...

Friday, 19 October


Kids Off Nauru. Why Isnt This A No-Brainer? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Like many others, my heart skipped a beat this week when I heard that three Coalition MPs had broken ranks on offshore detention and were calling for children and their families detained on Nauru to be brought to Australia.  

The situation on Nauru is heartbreaking. Medicins Sans Frontieres, whose staff were very recently expelled from Nauru, describe the situation of asylum seekers and refugees on the island as beyond desperate.

As corroborated by MSF medical analysis, refugee patients exist in a vicious cycle of deep despair with many having lost the will to live.  Among them, at least 78 patients seen by MSF had suicidal ideations and/or engaged in self-harm or suicidal acts. Children as young as nine have told MSF staff that they would rather die than live in a state of hopelessness on Nauru. Among the most severely ill patients are those separated from their immediate family as a result of Australias immigration policy.

None of this comes as a surprise. Numerous organisations have found similar things. The Nauru papers documented it. Greg Lake, who was Director of Regional Processing at the time the Nauru and Manus centres were set up and would later become Director of the Nauru facility, explained the logic of deterrence.

Deterrence is all about constructing an environment thats worse than the thing people are fleeing from. So you have to make the situation in detention somehow worse than Syria under ISIS. And if you put it in that context, we cant kill people, but the next best thing you can do is take away peoples hope and dignity.

When he selected who would be sent to the offshore centres, Greg Lake recalls that

My instructions (from the Minister for Immigrations office) were to find families with children as young as possible (because we had to send a message to people smugglers that children, even young children, werent exempt). We couldnt transfer children under seven, as they couldnt be inoculated against Japanese Encephalitis or Malaria, so I had to choose children who looked young, to send a message to people smugglers.

Both major political parties argue that the offshore regime is necessary, that the people smuggling syndicates will rapidly redeploy the moment Australia signals it will welcome asylum seekers who arrive by boat. This is why the Prime Minister has opened the door to getting children and t...


West Papuas suppression is a fraudulent process facilitated by the UN "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

West Papuas suppression is a fraudulent process facilitated by the UN

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation-11 hours ago

The Indonesian Government has used sovereignty as an excuse to suppress West Papuans demands for self-determination, commit human


For PNGs sake, lets hope hosting APEC is for the better "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

APEC Haus Ela Beach
APEC Haus, Ela Beach


PORT MORESBY - In August, under a headline that read APEC is for you PNG, APEC minister Justin Tkatchenko said the benefits of hosting APEC would last for many years and would strengthen many sectors in the economy.

The ministers statement seems to portray APEC as a defining event in Papua New Guineas history with its impact to resonate for many years to come.

As the date for the APEC leaders forum draws nearer, Papua New Guineans will get a chance to assess whether APEC 2018 lives up to its hype and transforms our fortunes for the better.

Or will it instead become a shadow that will haunt us for many years to come. For PNGs sake, lets hope for the former.

APEC is a regional economic forum established in 1989 to leverage the growing interdependence of the Asia-Pacific. APEC's 21 members (including PNG) aim to create greater prosperity for the people of the region by promoting balanced, inclusive, sustainable, innovative and secure growth and by accelerating regional economic integration.

Among its 21 economies PNG is described as the smallest and poorest. In this regard PNG hosting the APEC is fascinating and intriguing to its citizens and the world at large.

Nobody knows how PNG is going to fare in this although the government is adamant it will be a success.

The sheer weight of ensuring the safety of some of the worlds most powerful leaders is in itself a monumental task at a time when there is heightened fear of geo-political tensions and terrorism.

Already Port Moresby is described as one of the most dangerous cities in the world therefore success may help to change this perception. It alone will mean another leap forward in PNGs relatively short history. At the same time failure to deliver will be catastrophic.

Although claims by the government of massive benefits in investment and trade from hosting APEC remain to be seen, the event will at least put PNG in the spotlight.

The APEC summit is already by far the bigg...


Big health donors defraud patients by ignoring corruption "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Silver Fox's Den

The Silver Fox's Den - a diagram not directly related to this article but kindly provided by the folk at PNGi to show the network of companies established by David Johnson, the subject of our story earlier this week, Silver Fox goes to ground after APEC intervention goes awry

STAFF REPORTERS | The Tokaut Blog | Extract

You can read the complete PNGi article here

PORT MORESBY - Papua New Guineas health system is in crisis.

Tuberculosis is at epidemic levels, polio has re-emerged, maternal and child mortality rates are among the worst in the world, malaria infections have increased nine-fold in just three years, no radiology treatment is available for cancer patients, rural health clinics lie empty and abandoned.

The list goes on and on.

Yet this is a health system that for decades has been financially and technically supported by some of the worlds largest multilateral agencies, the World Bank, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and many others.

Why is their assistance so manifestly failing?

This year Australia will provide $572 million in overseas direct aid to PNG, 18% or $103m is being targeted at the health sector.

In addition, Australia has just announced an extra K24 million in funding to combat vaccine preventable diseases, starting with Polio.

Australian Minister-Counsellor based in Port Moresby, Benedict David says, under the leadership of Minister Temu and the National Department of Health, this additional support will help protect PNGs children from polio and other childhood illnesses.

It is a worthy aspiration but about as far from reality as it is possible to get. Benedict David is either in...


How China can help save Papua New Guineas forests "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Governor Gary Juffa
Governor Gary Juffa

GARY JUFFA | The Diplomat

ORO - This summer, my country, Papua New Guinea, became the newest member of Chinas Belt and Road Initiative. This global program already spans dozens of countries and represents over a trillion dollars of planned investments in infrastructure development.

Meanwhile, Chinas aid to PNG is surging: only recently, it committed around $4 billion to developing PNGs national road network.

These initiatives mean that bilateral trade is set to increase but if China does not make significant changes in the way it sources raw materials abroad, the outcome is likely to be a bad one for PNG.

PNGs forests are among our most valuable natural resources. Some 70% of the country is covered in forests that support hundreds of rare and endemic species, making PNG a megabiodiverse country.

These forests are also directly critical to the lives and well-being of most of our people, including the communities in my province. But for decades, weve struggled to responsibly manage this vital resource.

The PNG forest sector has long been marked by corruption and illegality, making the timber we produce considered high risk by independent international groups that monitor this. And were losing money on it: the policy think tank the Oakland Institute has estimated that tax evasion in the sector may be costing PNG over $100 million per year.

Despite these problems, PNG exports a lot of timber over three million cubic meters of logs in 2017. Most of that wood is bought by China, where it is made into commodities like furniture and flooring. Research from the watchdog group Global Witness showed that some of these products are ending up in places like the United States.

Although China doesnt have a law that bans the import of illegal timber, the United States and other major markets like the European Union do, making this trade a risky one for China. In fact, China is falling behind other major economies in not enacting such a law, and continuing to source risky timber from cor...



New Dawn FM News
The Bougainville Presidents VILLA or official residence has been completed just in time for its official opening next Thursday.
The keys were handed over to the ABG Deputy Chief Secretary, Policy and acting Secretary for Technical services, THOMAS RAIVET this afternoon.
In his speech, MR. RAIVET thanked the local contractor GENIC INVESTMENTS for completing the project and also for confirming that Bougainvillean companies can bid for projects that normally are given to outside companies.
He said this proves that if the ABG gives contracts to locals they can also do it and also raise their standards.
He said he was happy that the technical team under, BENARD TZILU took the risk in awarding contract to GENIC INVESTMENTS but now they have proven themselves.
MR. RAIVET called on other Bougainvilleans operating in different fields to show their talents so that they can have such opportunity to prove their worth.
He said that many local talents are still hidden and they must come out to move Bougainville forward.
The Deputy Chief Secretary Policy said Bougainvilleans destroyed everything and they must stand up now and rebuild Bougainville into a most prosperous region.
The contract was awarded to GENIC INVESTMENTS in 2015.





New Dawn FM News

A chief from Siwai who lives in KOKOPAU , JOHN MUNEI today called on the people of Bougainville to study the sample ballot paper and educate themselves how they will vote in the coming referendum.
Speaking on New Dawn FM this afternoon, MR. MUNEI said that this referendum vote is very different because the questions to be put are already out for the people to see and decide their choice.
He said there is no excuse for anybody to make their vote invalid as ample time has been given to study the ballot paper.




New Dawn FM News

The PNG Medical board which licenses Nurses and Doctors to practice is to visit the Arawa School of Nursing next week.
The Registrar for the School of Nursing, MELCHIOR DARE told New Dawn FM this afternoon that the School will also have its first graduation of pioneers of the Arawa School of Nursing on the 5th of December, 2018.
MR.DARE said he was happy that the School has continued despite the problems it faced since its inception.
He also thanked the National members past and present for their contribution in supporting the School.




New Dawn FM News
Polling for the three constituencies having By elections ended this afternoon.
The three constituencies are HALIA, TAONITA TEOP and KONGARA.
According to the official program, Counting will be done at the HUTJENA SECONDARY SCHOOL HALL starting 4pm on Monday.
In the morning the counting officials will go through a counting training to make sure they know what they must do once counting starts.
The counting officials for both shift one and two are requested to be at the Hutjena Secondary School hall by 9 am on Monday.
New Dawn FM will update its listeners and its followers on bougainvillenews, bougainville typepad and on 93.9 on FM Band.




New Dawn FM News

The member for South Bougainville and Opposition leader, TIMOTHY MASIU today sent his heartfelt condolences to the family of the late PATRICK DUFFY who passed away in London yesterday.
He said that although he met with PATRICK just for few hours in Port Moresby on Monday night, he knew that he was a very experienced man and would really support the chairman to do his work.
MR. MASIU said that on behalf of the people of South Bougainville he wishes to say thankyou for their meeting this week which was the first and the last.
He said that despite the cultural differences and international boundaries people from far and wide are willing to help Bougainville to rise up tall and higher from the ashes of war.
He will go down in the history of Bougainville as well.
May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Picture of Bertie Ahern, President Momis and Patrick Duffy taken at Buka by Aloysius Laukai

Ahern Momis Duffy



New Dawn FM News
The ABG President Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS has also sent his condolences to the family and relatives of the late PATRICK (paddy)DUFFY who was the special adviser to the Bougainville Referendum Commission Chairman, the Honourable Bertie Ahern.
President MOMIS said that he only met MR. DUFFY for a short time, but during that time it was clear that he was passionate supporter of peace and had a genuine desire to assist Mr. Ahern in his role as BRC Chairman.
He was engaging, had sharp wit and quickly became a dear friend of Bougainville.
The President extended his sincere condolences and those of Lady Momis and the Government and the people of Bougainville to Mr Duffys family and his dear lifelong friend MR Ahern.
The world is poorer for his passing and may the lord give comfort to loved ones left behind and all those who knew and loved Mr. Duffy.




New Dawn FM News

A former Primary Industry officer, FRANCIS LOIO today called on the management of Pristine 101 not to sell the copra mill in Buka to CPL but let Bougainvilleans own it.
MR. LOIO made these remarks on NEW DAWN FM today after learning the CPL which has been operating in Buka for many years was trying to take over from Pristine again.
He said that as Bougainville was preparing to become a nation it must secure such factories to start raising her own funds.
MR. LOIO called on the ABG to support locals who can run and manage this company.
Our attempts to talk with the management of Pristine 101 on this issue were unsuccessful.




New Dawn FM News

A former Primary Industry officer, FRANCIS LOIO today called on the management of Pristine 101 not to sell the copra mill in Buka to CPL but let Bougainvilleans own it.
MR. LOIO made these remarks on NEW DAWN FM today after learning the CPL which has been operating in Buka for many years was trying to take over from Pristine again.
He said that as Bougainville was preparing to become a nation it must secure such factories to start raising her own funds.
MR. LOIO called on the ABG to support locals who can run and manage this company.
Our attempts to talk with the management of Pristine 101 on this issue were unsuccessful.




New Dawn FM News

The special advisor to the Chairman of the Bougainville Referendum Commission, has died.
The late PATRICK DUFFY was an advisor to MR. Ahern since 1977 until his sudden death yesterday.
He died at the Heathrow airport in London as he was returning from Papua New Guinea after he and MR AHERN were welcomed by the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, PETER ONIEL and the ABG President, Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS at the last JSB in Port Moresby.
The two then attended the JSB meeting that approved the questions to be put in the Bougainville referendum.
The late PATRICK DUFFY accompanied the BRC delegation to Buka last Saturday and was welcomed by the ABG President at a special dinner he hosted for the team.
The delegation returned to Port Moresby on Monday afternoon after the BRC Proper sat for the first time in Buka.



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